Vail Valley's Restaurant Delivery Service

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by à la Car
Family Owned and Operated Since 1993

a la Car has been around for over 25 years serving the Vail Valley with dinner delivery from many of the Valley’s iconic restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, steak, burger, Chinese, or Indian food—the choices run the gambit from casual American to fine dining. We are a family own and operated business, that focuses on getting you fresh, hot food straight to the table.

C.J and Jessica Tenner arrived to the valley in the summer of ‘93, to take over the fledgling business that had just been opened for a winter season. C.J was a logistics guy, running a limo company in L.A transporting superstars to things like the MTV music video awards, and a night club in New York City, where he brought in the finest musicians to play together. He and his wife moved to Colorado from Jersey with their two kids, to start their dream of living in the mountains and start a new life with food delivery.

Now the nightly operations have been passed down to their children to fulfil the dream of making the company as successful as they did while keeping up with competition. Since then we have come along way by creating an app that makes ordering food seamless.  We have rebranded ourselves to OrderFood by a la car to get the message across. Grubhub and ubereats have made a name for themselves across the country, but we were the first, the OG’s of restaurant delivery.  

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